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1. Why would I prefer to use cross-linked foam?
Cross-linking can improve physical properties of the foam, including water-proof, tensile strength, elongation, heat stability and so on.  

2. What is difference between XPE and IXPE Foam?

XPE is chemical cross-linked, IXPE is physical type, which’s surface is more smooth and cell size is smaller than XPE. Also thickness evenness is better than XPE.

3. Why would I prefer to use a foam made with polypropylene (PP) instead of polyethylene (PE)?

PP offers greater heat stability and strength at elevated temperatures than does PE. PP is preferred for today's forming and injection processes, which are used to mold automotive interior panels, including door panels and instrument panels.

4. What types of floor covering are compatible with your underlayment?

We offer acoustic underlayment for laminate, engineered, wood. LVT, SPC, WPC, Pls contact us for more details.

5. Do you have any special functions foam?

Yes, we can produce anti-bacterial type, anti-slip type, flame retardant type, anti-static type, conductive and others.

6. What thickness, width, and colors do you offer?

Our thickness range is from about 0.06 mm to 8 mm in single layer and more than 65mm after lamination. The max. width we produce is 1700mm depends on different spec. Standard black, white,, gray, orange, green, and custom colors are available.

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